Franchising – Common Questions

How much will a franchise cost me?

The total investment necessary to begin operation of an Interior Magic franchise varies by size of market and usually ranges from $33,050 to $100,060. We really try hard to make our system affordable and have several in-house financing options available. Most financing however is to be secured through third-party lending sources.

How much can I expect to make?

We, as well as any other franchise system, are restricted by the Federal Trade Commission and various state franchise sales regulations from providing you with specific profit projections. To learn more about actual financial experiences, we will encourage you to speak with existing franchisees during our application process.

What type of person makes a good Interior Magic Franchise owner?

Interior Magic actively seeks highly-qualified individuals to become franchisees. Prior general business experience, coupled with personal financial qualifications, individual motivation, and a track record of success are important factors in our evaluation process. An Interior Magic franchise owner should be a hardworking, well intended individual that is hands-on and doesn’t mind working outdoors. Automotive reconditioning experience is not necessary; we will teach you the process and guide you along the way.

What kind of training and support can I expect?

All new franchisees participate in an extensive 4 week training program at our corporate office. Once completed, each franchisee will receive an additional week of training and sales support in their franchise market. Each franchisee will also receive a complete set of training reference manuals, as well as, ongoing technical support and regular updates on new training techniques and repair products.

Who are our customers?

Although our primary customers are automobile dealerships, rental car agencies, individual’s personal vehicles, and body shops there are many other potential customers, such as; marinas, commercial and private aircraft owners, restaurants, hotels/motels, auto auctions, RV owners, and office and medical buildings.